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Yes you are very correct in saying that being strong doesn't make a person strong.

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Yes acting tough doesn't really make you a leader. it's what you have inside makes you a big leader

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Great leaders can't be weak, or show weakness in their conduct.

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General S. Patton was the epiphany of America and the heart of the American army. Showing strength and calm in the face of danger.

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Tough because they are not answering properly all the time.

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Great leaders are born and educated in time.

Fred Lamora

Simon- While Eisenhower was a good example, Omar Bradley is an even better one. He exemplified the "Why" and was often referred to as the G.I. General." At the beginning of the war Patton was his boss, but by the end of the war Bradley was Patton's Boss. He became a 5 Star General and led the Joint Chiefs of Staff after the war.


True, very true. I've come to believe that insecure leaders tend to use toughness as compensation for their fear of openness and connection. It works, but then again, lashing people into submission works too.

Carson Boddicker

Great insight into a common problem. As Mars mentioned, that notion is "old school" and we, as coaches or leaders must seek to improve lives. Too often, however, the "attitude" in coaching communities at least is a smoke screen for the coach's lack of knowledge or skill for his respective discipline, in my experience.

Carson Boddicker

Mike Henry Sr.

Patton's problem with the soldier in question was that the soldier was deserting his post and his responsibility to his fellow soldiers. That's no excuse for what Patton did, but rather it shows what Patton was most respected for, expecting the best of his people.

Mars Dorian

Hmmm, that is a vital one, Simon.

It's an old perception that (male) leaders have to look and act tough - I believe it still comes from our primal days. Nowadays, good leadership should always be about the improving people's lives, and making a difference.

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