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Very cool idea. I think I will have to try this one. I just love the "It's the Little Things" line. Thanks!

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We all can leave the world with a powerful story like this

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Morality is not really the doctrine of how to make ourselves happy but of how we are to be worthy of happiness. (Immanuel Kant, German Philosopher)

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Incredible story! At that time, as they fight to instill the moral of my children well, I am very aware of the power of this story.

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simon. You are an arrogant ignorant ass. Please stop acting like the "sage" old man at the top of the mountain. You are only 38 with little life experience. Stop giving your "perceptions" on groups of people and things you know little about. You are the modern day version of a "snake oil" saleman. Please everyone wake up and stop listening to him.


Amazing story shared by you. I like to read it. I never found such a great and amazing story. Thanks for sharing such a nice story.

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Amazing Story and good cause! Thanks for sharing this story.


What a inspiring post. Dear Rachel sets a great example for the rest of us to follow. Its so sad that her life ended so young.

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Thank your for display me so fantastic notion as part of your blog. I am really gree with you. Your viewpoint is amazing. In our lives, there's nothing can beat us.

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Couldn't hold back the tears for a while. My niece is only several days younger & I can't fathom losing her. God sends us angels everyday & it's a shame most of us don't notice them. Little Rachel is truly an inspiration & I could only hope to do as much one day. Her loss will give life to thousands more.

'Edger Alexander

Couldn't hold back the tears for a while. My niece is only several days younger & I can't fathom losing her. God sends us angels everyday & it's a shame most of us don't notice them. Little Rachel is truly an inspiration & I could only hope to do as much one day. Her loss will give life to thousands more.


Great post. I'm always inspired by the love and charity of children. It's a pure love that I wish didn't so often fade with age and experience.

A Facebook User LelaRastHartsaw

Amazing story! At this time, as I struggle to instill these very morals in my own two children, I am painfully aware of the power this story holds. My heart aches for that family, yet at the same time, swells with pride at the contribution such a simple gesture of goodwill can bestow upon so many other lives.

Seattle Citizen

Rachel was a kind, gentle, helpful, little girl that always put others first. Thank you all for making sure her legacy will honor her life. As a member of her extended family, I thank you for showing your love and support to this family in their time of tremendous sorrow. Having to explain to her four year old, 3 year old (twins), and two year old, siblings that the light of their life is never coming back to love on them, is enough to make a sane person crazy. But things like knowing people are praying for them, and caring about Rachel's cause is a balm for the aching space that use to be their hearts. Not that it is my place, but as someone who recently got creamed by Rach at yahtzee! and got to watch her greatfully accept a gift from me that I only found out after her passing that she didn't really care for, I thank everyone none-the-less.

I end by mentioning that this little family has recently found out that her four year old brother may have a brain tumor. Please pray for their current and future mental and physical health. Again, thank you.

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