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So curious....who did you end up hiring????

rocky smith

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Toni Sharay Logan

I would say that I am "looking for a job," but in reality, I am looking for my purpose in a workplace setting.

I haven't found many ads that are honest and fill me with an immediate, "let's do this!" feeling despite the difficulties mentioned. I'd respond immediately and with glee, if the position were still available. Since it is not...I will share this link with friends and family and hope more people follow your example! :)

alvin wayne weiss

Wow! This "hits the nail on the head" for me. I will try this approach today via Craigslist and share my results with you. I am tired of reading resumes that list skill sets but tell me nothing about the passion of an individual. I like your "WHY" video the best - what, how, why - and am applying it daily.

Suzy Pierce

More great information - Loved the enthusiasm in your video! We are currently looking for new clients, so I suppose it would work the same for an ad for business? I want to attract clients for our decorative painting business. I want to keep the ad simple. I need help.

Kenny Schiff

I'm very glad to have seen your EO talk last night and I'm continued to play with the some of the ideas/concepts you spoke about and reconciling in my mind how what can work for Apple or Southwest would apply to an SMB.

Your hiring story very much resonated with me, and I've used a similar approach over the last few years and done very well by it. I've hired 6 people via Craig's list ads, all of which encouraged the "right fit." It's a beautiful thing to get results from these free ads, especially given that poor results one might get from Monster (@ $385 for a single post).

Here's an excerpt from an ad that I've used multiple times with great success.

"Ideal candidate has completely flexible time schedule, and is not looking for full-time day-time work. You are someone who wouldn't mind doing interesting work, making decent money, on a potentially inconsistent basis (sometimes there will be a lot work, sometimes not too much). Tech-savvy musicians are encouraged to apply (we already have 3 on staff), also early retirees and empty nesters."

For an administrative job, we added this at the end:

"Our ideal person would be a grad student, an empty-nester, or someone returning to the workplace."

Because we've opened the door to unconventional workers, the results have been phenomenal.

So I resoundingly endorse your approach, as the quality of people who have come in via the self-selection process (attracted to our "Why") is amazing.

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