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I love the concept, and the resulting calm, focus and solutions. But why not "act"? The concept is the same, the word is already there and available to us, but we - I - don't use it enough.

Anthony Pfeiffer

Not to be too weird, but just yesterday I told my wife Marie, I needed to come up with a different word than proactive. I literally thought of the word pro-action. I put this into practice in a free report I am writing for 1st time moms and dads about time and nurturing the baby with what I call "The 3 T's of Learning - Ten Minutes a day,(strategic) teachable moments (spontaneous) and ten thousand hours (mastery)." For the 5 learning influences I played around with terms "Love Action" and "Read Action"

It sounded more action oriented and directed.

"Action is eloquence" Shakespeare

Jordan 1

Man you're wonderful. Having these cool ideas not to talk about producing it. Outstanding!

Renita Kalhorn

Great post, Simon.

This world we live in, with the incredible amount of information and speed of change, encourages an environment of reactiveness. The beauty of proaction is that it gives one a sense of personal control. Nothing else in the situation has to change except where you put your focus (e.g. what excuses can I make vs. what action should I take).

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