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Simon, Yes, I liked your idea. It sounded right. It's got the good "why". I bought into that. THEN, I read the response above and I have to agree. I go there regularly and prefer the paper cup with a lid, to keep it warmer longer, and it holds my green straw in the hole in the lid, so I can sip the cofee, cream and honey, through the straw. I do hang out there when I need to get away from home. I love their background music, the simple yet comfortable chairs and tables, and the privacy to just sit with my thoughts while among the background noise of people ordering coffee and walking in and out. But the "why" you gave was powerful enough for me to ignore my own experience. Interesting, which proves your point about how powerful a "why" is to cause me to focus on YOUR why, and momentarily ignore my own personal reality!


Hi I bring your Starbucks mug picture for my project. Thankyou.

Simon Sinek

Tracy -

I never heard back from them.


I agree completely with you. I am wondering did you ever get a response?


honey, starbucks is going to stay. so no need to worry. I'm sure howard and starbucks have their hands on other ventures too. as for the '3rd space' it's still there. I visit starbucks in every corner of manhatten and people still go there. Starbucks is Starbucks. so they talk more about the coffee and not the experience...talkin aabout coffee and the experience go hand in hand...goes with the changing times. if starbucks get really in tune with the times they know what to do & howard is no idiot. I'm glad to see that howard came back on track & being a bright visionary he'll get the job done =)


Okay, this is borderline whining.

"There was a time when you invited people to spend time in the third space..."

"Nothing says to a customer, “we love you now get out” like a paper cup..."

HELLO! What do you mean Starbucks is uninviting? There's wireless service, tables, chairs, some locos have cushy sofas and chairs. iT Patrons write novels in that place, study for the bar, hold book club meetings without being pressured to get out.

As for the ceramic/vs paper cup...please, you get more coffee in the paper cup. And personally, I don't want the salary of a dishwasher (or the lawsuit from a chipped ceramic cup nicking someone's lip) rolled into the cost of my latte.

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