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Here’s a better response: "Maam, we appreciate your concern, however due to rising costs we must charge for certain amenities. We do, however, hope you are comfortable during your flight and enjoy the many cable stations we offer. And when disembarking, we hope you are able to reach your destination sooner as we exit and load passengers from both ends of the plane..." READ: I’m not tolerating your whining, and if you don’t like it, go sit jammed up on US Air where they charge for water and $10 for an iceberg lettuce salad.

I’ve worked retail and various customer service industries, and believe me, the customer is not always right. They complain FAR MORE than they complement. And sometimes they are right, but a product should never be thrown under the bus in order to pacify a customer. Whatever the situation, however, customers should be treated with the utmost respect, and issued an apology and a solution to the concern.

Christopher Budd

"one of the few companies who believed in customer first"

I'm sorry but I have to fundamentally dispute that claim. No company that literally keeps it's customers held prisoner for 11 hours without adequate food, water or sanitation.

I don't care what JetBlue claims: I won't ever fly them. As far as I'm concerned their CEO should be hauled before the Hague for inhumane treatment.

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