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Laurie Ellington

Love this. From a brain science perspective, this elevates the employees sense of status and autonomy, which puts them in a "toward" state vs. "threat" state....increasing genuine

Femi Dada

WOW, WOW, I am already seeing the effect in my own sense of ownership. Having to wear many hats is a challenge, from website update to sending our marketing materials and calling customers.

Just by telling myself "I intend to update our site" makes me accountable to myself. I think this would help me in getting focus on what is important.

Thanks for this great insight.

Alik Levin | PracticeThis.com

It's too often such military practices taken to corp culture and managers direct and give orders to their reports. That seriously hurts performance and innovation spirit.
If the opposite can be done in army i am sure it's possible in corp world.
Question: why giving orders prevails? What today's managers do not adopt better techniques? What stops them adopting more inspiring techniques that make their reports perform better?
The other question - how the report can reflect on his manager technique and actually help him with this regards?


I've really enjoyed your blog as well as your interview posted at truenyc.com.

An extension of the approach you've described outside of the work place may be another valuable angle to examine. I would imagine that those in the habit of intention, as opposed to permission, at work take a more active role in their communities and drive towards what they deem positive change and growth in their daily non work environments.

Thanks for your posts. I will continue to follow along.


As a young professional I've fallen into the trap of asking "What do you think we should do?" "Can I...?" "Should I...?" "What if I...."

Starting this past Monday, I decided to implement the idea of stating my intent rather than asking for permission. I can honestly say that the results are profound. I've already noticed that my conversations with director level authority have suddenly turned from a one-way demeaning street into a two-way collaborative (and sometimes inspiring) discussion.

Thanks for this eye opener with this latest posting. My best regards to you Mr. Sinek.

Todor Christov

Great article, Simon, and some really useful thoughts and examples in it. I like it a lot!

I INTEND to translate and publish your post in our blog to see what our readers think about this approach. Will you support me in this intention?

Regards from Bulgaria!

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