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David Schnurman

Simon I just taught a class at Pace about starting a business. I played your interview on TrueNYC and this was a student's post about WHY on the first blog he created in class.


Interview that inspired him:

Jared Yellin-Brandentity

I am intrigued by your PHILOSOPHY of "WHY" because once you are able to determine why you do, what you do, then this behavior can be replicated in other areas of an individuals life as well. But with this being said, CAN IT REALLY BE REPLICATED? The reason I pose this question is because I recently wrote about this concept (http://www.jaredyellin.com/2009/10/the-missing-link/) and I refer to it as the MISSING LINK. My philosophy states that WHY can be interchanged with PASSION. The reason Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, and the Wright Brothers have been able to impact the world in such a profound way is because their WHY possessed an insatiable amount of passion. Their willingness to commit and stay committed to their vision far surpassed any of the compromises that would have to take place in their lives. Some would say that MANY people possess passion, but are unable to do what these legends have done in the past, and I would agree, but the difference been the ordinary and extraordinary is the magnitude of their passion. These three men became their vision, they lived, and even died, for the purposes of making their dreams become a reality. Passion provided these individuals with their purpose and their never ending desire to consistently DEFINE their WHY in order to leave a legacy. You are doing AMAZING work Steve and if there was a way that we could combine our WHY's and PASSION, I would enjoy that greatly!

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