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Ricardo Bueno

It just about always never feels right when you're up against a "pressured" sales pitch. On the other hand, everything feels good when you're up against someone who's passionate about what they do. You may never end up making a purchase, but it feels so good that you may either 1.) buy later, 2.) refer someone.

In the end, passion wins. I think that's the way it should be...

Jared Yellin-Brandentity

Since I am fascinated by the art of communication and have been selling something my entire life (like all of us because we sell ourselves on a daily basis), I wholeheartedly agree with your message. Personally, when I begin selling a product, service, idea, etc., I ask myself, “Can I get passionate about offering this to the world?” I define passion as the prospect that someone incredible could take place. A prospect is not a guarantee, but rather a chance that your world will be a noticeably different place as a result of whatever it is that you are doing. Therefore, if I am selling something to someone, I better believe, with everything I have inside, that this “thing” is going to enhance the quality of their life. I do believe that people can sell passionately if there is a significant financial reward, but I also believe that this passion is short-lived if they do not feel like they are contributing to the world in some capacity.

Great job!!! I always enjoy reading your work and can not wait for the BOOK…

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