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Jared Yellin-Brandentity

This is not only an interesting dichotomy, but a fascinating one. I am going to give you a wonderful example that surfaced in my life: At one point, I worked at a start-up company. The founder was a LEADER in his field, someone who literally created a path for the entire profession to follow, who would take any amount of criticism to have his message heard, and would work diligently to provide innovations to an extremely complacent niche marketplace. With all of these positive attributes, he was one of the WORST LEADERS I have ever seen within the organization. He was not demeaning or cruel, but rather, NOT INVOLVED. The result was a dead culture, poor working environment, and an unmotivated staff. This is where the fascinating dichotomy enters into place because "the profession," considered this gentleman as close to a G-D like figure as possible, but if they saw behind the closed door, their views would have been completely different. Is this right or is this wrong? I do no think that there is an answer to this question, but as I develop my organization, I strive to create a "glass wall environment," where the people on the outside experience the same treatment as the people on the inside. Your employees MUST come before your customers or your vision will NEVER manifest in the way that you desire...

One more point. When Steven Jobs left his company, it suffered mightily. A true LEADER, creates a legacy so that when he/she is no longer leading, the company is not impacted in a negative sense. When the LEADER becomes the company, there will be a finite period of time that the company exists based on the lifespan of the leader....As always, GREAT WORK!


Interesting dichotomy -

Someone like Steve Jobs has such a command over his "why" and his company, yet from so many that I've spoken with that have worked inside of Apple say he is a brutal manager, demeaning, even cruel.

I guess you want him as a leader, but not as a manager - though the dichotomy is that I respect so fervently his ability to lead the organization, but I'm not sure what kind of a message it is to be such an exacting leader - thoughts?

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