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I received 1 st loans when I was a teenager and it aided my family very much. However, I need the sba loan over again.

Gosia Kung

Thank you Simon, you helped me figure it out!

Jared Yellin-Brandentity

You made an extremely interesting point that I want to emphasize because it is one that I have spoken about at a number of seminars. You discussed how some of the most innovative ideas were born because of a void in the founder’s life. You used the example of home care and burgers, and I believe this is true in almost every situation. Just the other day, I was coaching someone who is a financially successful individual and a leader (based on hierarchy) at his company, but feels like his identity has become his career. He is not in a position that enables creations to take place and he yearns to utilize his creative energy in order to develop something that never existed before. He started to become a victim in his situation as he said that all of his passion has died. I explained that it did not die, but rather it is currently lying dormant and you must find a way to reignite what makes you…YOU! We began talking about current voids within his line of business and what can be created in order to fill this empty space and make things more efficient. After an intense brain storming session, he discovered something that brought passion to his life as he is now ready and prepared to enter into the category of “those who lead,” as he sets the stage for the industry. I thought you would enjoy this story….Great work!

Joaquim Braz de Oliveira

Great observation Simon !
Great video ! Very clear and concise.

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