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Scott G.F.

Posted Jan 2010 and the first comment is Oct? Sad man

A "Thank you" makes all the difference

I was stationed in Berlin when the wall fell in 1989. One day a short time afterward I was standing in line waiting to get a donor kabob (basically a Turkish gyro sandwich) when a German lady standing in front of me turned around and asked excitedly if I was American. I told her I was. She then told me the story of the Berlin airlift and how it saved her family's life, she learned English because of this so she could thank any American she saw. I was stunned and felt unworthy of the thank you. To be thanked for such a great thing that I didn't have anything to do with holds me breathless, to this day. I vowed to earn that thank you every day since.
That thank you changed the course of my life.

There are very few of us that realize we stand where we are, on the shoulders of giants and that by only realizing that we do can we even come close to matching their greatness and sacrifice.

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