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Tammy Camp

Damn right it’s going to be a marriage. Not a Romeo and Juliet obsessive-love union, nor a Jackie O contracted-bedroom-hours business tryst. No, this is on par with the marriage of Cinderalla’s father to her evil stepmother. And wow! Just how much are Kraft’s new workforce of stepchildren going to despise their new mom?

Like you say, the people element of Cadbury is enormous. Cadbury wasn’t simply founded on George Cadbury’s Quaker ethics; they’re still very much in existence today. Yesterday, Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfield ‘paid tribute’ to Bournville, the English village and heart of Cadbury. I’m sure she thinks Bournville’s very quaint. I wonder if she’s ever been there. I wonder if a visit to the small village George Cadbury built to give his workers affordable housing, parks, and generally improve their standard of living would make her see just how unsuitable a suitor Kraft is for Cadbury.

You say tomato/
I say tomahto/
You say potato/
I say potahto/
You say I want to build houses for the workers/
I say I want the workers to build me a global powerhouse/
Let’s call the whole thing off!

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