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Minter Dial

The practical versus academic split makes me think of the opposition of instinct versus rational, creative versus analytic, and right versus left brain. I wonder if there is any link to all four pairs?

We enjoy putting things in opposition to help define one another. Part of the human paradox, perhaps. That said, more and more I see the benefit of bringing both sides together, whether it is creative & analytic, right and left brain (D Pink) and instinct & rational... And, when academia and business get together as they do at certain universities, the results can be extremely powerful.

Brennan Novak

Wonderful post. It reminds me of this study I read about creative peaks and intellectual achievement. The study broke people down into being either a young "bold experimenter" or an older "refined master." The book or essay was written by some economist from Harvard I think. In any case very interesting. I found out you from the TEDxTalk you gave about What, How, Why- super inspiring. Thank you!

Mike Giles

Hi Simon,
I just discovered you from another blog in my industry that referenced your "Starting with Why" and had a link to a video of one of your presentations. Very enlightening and you're a captivating speaker as well!
Relating to this post - although with a fairly narrow subject matter focus - commercial real estate, I would consider myself more of a practical expert with years spent pursuing academic enhancement. I believe that true expertise requires both experience "doing it" as well as continual study for improvement.
I'll be working on my Why and looking forward to exploring your materials further. Thanks!
Mike Giles, OfficeTenantAdvisors dot com

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