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Steve Blake

World peace, means one mindset big enough to make the decisions about what everybody else wants, and the rest of the world conforming. That is the ultimate definition of world peace. You say, "Oh, let's get along!" And what each of you mean is, "You do what I want." A peaceful world means, "Everybody wanting what I want. Going along with what I want." And the only problem with that is, there are more than one of you, and you have endless desires that are born within you. The ultimate experience is, everyone having their experience and launching their individual rockets of desire, and the Universe yielding to all of them simultaneously. And everybody not worrying about what anybody else created, and so, then allowing what they are wanting. What a world that is, when there are endless desirers, who are allowing the fulfillment of their own desires.


Luciano -

I think when the Why is fuzzy, many strange things happen to a person. Insecurity goes up, so does paranoia. So sometimes yes, people may have hidden agendas. That said, I think the vastly larger number of people who assign tasks just don't know how to delegate properly. When their friends or colleagues say to them, "you need to get better at delegating things, it will help reduce your stress," they agree and tell people to do tasks that they have to do.

Those good at delegating have the confidence to leave the office for long periods of time (vacation, meetings, whatever) because they know everything will be fine, better and grow without them. Those who only delegate tasks, are afraid to leave the office for long periods (including not checking the blackberry) because they have kept themselves as the single point of accountability.

Aside - thank you for being such an active part of this movement to inspire people to do the things that inspire them. Because of you and those like you - those who take it upon themselves to share the Why with others - I know we will have a big impact and make this world a more optimistic place.

Thank you for being a part of this. Truly.

Account Deleted

Hi Simon,
Do you believe that some people just 'assign tasks' because they have 'hidden agendas', so that people must not be aware of their (hidden) WHY's?

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