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Don't know what is wrong what is rite but i know that every one has there own point of view and same goes to this one

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Just about the most cherished factor in existence is friendship. By far the most valuable matter in between us is understanding.

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Kevin Cheng


Thanks for your honesty and courage in this post - that alone is inspiring to me. I love your focus on passion and on WHY. This is why I email-subscribe to your blog. If I need something inspiring to pick me up, I'll usually find it in your posts. Keep doing what you're doing.

And don't get influenced by what others or society say are definitions of "success". If you know WHY you're doing it and you're passionate about it (as you show so well that you do), the other stuff don't matter.


Laura Lee Bloor

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Simon, for this post! You literally just inspired my mission statement for Tenacious Lee: To help you achieve any goal, personal or professional, big or small.

Keep inspiring!

Michelle Barry Franco

I only hope I fail as beautifully as you do, next time I fail. Thanks for the beautiful story-gift. You inspire me.


Thanks alot for your courage to share your experience with others, I hope if I can express mine too!

Really I hope if you can give me advices of how pass my roads in this life, in a very difficult sitauations of my country, especially there`s no clue of any better one!

Thanks again;

bryan janeczko

I thank you for sharing this experience and these thoughts- it's a very delicate topic. It takes a lot of courage to openly and publicly talk about 'failure' or at least what constitutes our society's "benchmarks" of failure. However, it's all relative and personally, I think it's during these moments of reflection that there exists a tremendous opportunity for self-evaluation and potential for growth, as many of these comments to your post suggest or allude to. From my own experience, when I've been to the point of failure or close to depression, I transform that position, over time, in to one of forward movement---as you so eloquently pointed out during our meeting yesterday. In short, I have to answer to myself and be aware of what's right for me. It's up to me to go on and surround myself with a supportive environment to nurture my definition of success. I couldn't agree with you more about success being hinged upon working with and being helped by others. It's all part of the Golden Circle, right :)

Greg Williamson


I also failed. I though had everything that my industry could give out that would show to everyone else that I was a success, but yet I was unhappy or at least unfulfilled.

This led to me thinking that in order to be happy I have to have more "stuff". So I started to create companies I had no passion for, and were outside my core business and competence for that matter. In addition I just accumulated more cars, boats, and houses. Then it happened; the great recession of 2008. This process was so aptly described by Jim Collins' latest book, "How the Mighty Fall". I was in the phase "an undisciplined pursuit of more".

I was nearly ruined and my failure was very visible to people around me. My embarrassment led me to try and shield my fall, which I now know was impossible of course.

I have come out the other side thankfully. You played a part. I read "Start with WHY". I also finally solved the dilemma of why success does not equal happiness. For me Success that sticks = a disciplined pursuit of a worthy vision (WHERE) and a clear understanding of WHY I am going there. This for me = Happiness that Lasts.

I started a coaching company for my industry and today I am speaking in front of a large crowd and your post gave me the confidence to "bleed" on the stage and reveal my failures so that it may help me live my WHY: "Creating uncommon solutions to common problems"

Thanks again,


Jennifer Sertl


The times I have learned the most are the times I fell the furthest. Our fear of looking clumsy keeps us from our true power.
Thank you for failing and making it safe for me to be proud of my failure, too.

Jenn (with the blue eyes)

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