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That's true. Nowadays It is very tough to get an honest man.It is a rare case.we all say"Honesty is the best policy" but cannot maintain this honesty in our practical life.that's the lesson this blog has tried to teach us.Thanks for sharing it.

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Okay! No white lies for 48 hours. By the way I received my copy of "Start with Why" today from Amazon. I haven't started reading it but will soon!

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I loved this article. Honesty is something I truly value and strive for in my life. To me, this is easier said than done. I have been conditioned to tell little white lies since I was a little girl. All these lies were driven by fear. For me, being 100% honest would be a real challenge. I am inspired. I am going to try telling the absolute truth for the next 48 hours and report back. I like the tips on how to be honest without hurting anyone – including me. Thank you!

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Honesty is something I made a principle when I started my business. I am honest about things in a way I couldn't be when I worked for another employer because it is implied there is some expectation you never show any weakness. However, in my business, when I meet clients I tell the truth honestly with surprising results. For example if they ask me to develop something for them I know I don't have the skill for I say so. No one has ever complained about this - in fact it has made me closer to my clients and they trust me more. They appreciate knowing the truth so much they stick around even when I've told them I can't deliver exactly what they are after and have offered to help them find someone who can.

Katie Jones

... Well, among other things, a cashier gave me two boxes of 18 ct. eggs for $2 even though I told her they were $1.92 a piece. It was good.

Reporting back, not because I don't have a freakish need for people to know that I'm honest, but because I do, and I committed to reporting back, so here you are.


What a great piece. Being willing to be honest is what I have always really admired about Simon Cowell. Where I differ from him and perhaps the commentator who referred to Brutal Honesty, is that honesty need never be brutal and can be delivered with kindness and compassion.

It really helps to self-refer so that you remember that the "truth" you are sharing is coloured by your own filters, insights and failings and is truth as you experience it, not necessarily a universal Truth.

Though even then, it is challenging to be 100% honest in a society that survives on collusion with each other's lies and as you change your part of the deal, your previous partners in collusion may not be very appreciative at all. However, it may well open the door to meeting with, working with and living with other more honest people or freeing up others in your life to be more honest too.

Very inspiring either way!


Love it! Just finished a series on authentic selling (even referenced your book), and honesty is a massive part of that. Telling the truth has really helped me in business!


OK read this and had to make a call to a real estate agent to say the shop they were offering me was too expensive. Difficult call as they get quite huffy and say things like - Well that's all there is, and you're not going to find cheaper in prime locations, but I took the pact so....In fact I have a meeting on Monday to discuss other parts of town which could be suited to my situation and she was really helpful...so maybe it does pay to be honest after all.

Marie Kletke

Being honst is not easy. I made a decision to live honestly two years ago. Recently, I ran a red light with a cop sitting DIRECTLY behind me. He pulled me over. Before he could say anything, I said " I'm sorry. I goofed. It's totally my fault. I was joking around with my grandkids (in the car) and I completely blanked out. My mistake." He looked at me and said," Okay. As long as you're alright." He turned around, got in his car and left. I was completely stunned.

Katie Jones

Yes, but with two rules:

1) I have to honestly communicate my message to people in a way that they get to the heart of what I'm saying as much as possible
2) Part of being honest means I can't think I totally understand what I'm hearing. So I must be sure to understand that before I respond.


Okay! No white lies for 48 hours. By the way I received my copy of "Start with Why" today from Amazon. I haven't started reading it but will soon!

John Robb

My friend and management consultant, Jim Crocker, has espoused this thinking for a long time. He calls it Brutal Honesty. Honesty is an incredibly powerful tool. It is certainly tough to do but well worth it.

Amy Thorne

Perhaps it's the case that "people in the world who make a real impact are always completely honest," but that doesn't mean that by being completely honest, you'll make a real impact on the world.

I value honesty. I've mostly followed a 100% honesty rule (maybe 95-99%) for many years. One thing I have realized is there are lots of situations when people don't want to hear the truth and telling it doesn't get you ahead.

Mostly, I've observed this in the workplace, with superiors who want to hear you agree their ideas are great, or that you'll have no problem implementing their plans to schedule. I used to get bad performance reviews for this--it was called "not having a can-do attitude."

Joaquin Paolo

excellent post and a fun little exercise to test integrity. To tell the truth with a touch of social grace is a great skill to have and an admirable one at that. When your values match your behaviors...that's when you achieve integrity. Cheers Simon (both of you).

Mars Dorian

haha, that's awesome. I admit, I tell a lot of white lies everyday, but only to protect me and decrease the "damage" I do on people !

ok,ok. I'm going to try it for 2 days, and then I write you back to report what happened.

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