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great game guys! go for the gold!^_^

Veda Horner

Great Post Simon and so true.
I feel like the underdog right now in my new internet business venture, but I have the dtermination to prove that I can
win is the game of marketing just by not giving up and pushing myself each day to learn and do things that even I thought were not possible.


I see it as the US team had set a low expectation. I'm a huge world cup fan and I think we should inspire to win the cup rather than be happy that we tied a game. That's why we don't go far in the tournament.

Frode H

Great post.
I find the world cup very interesting, not only becaue I am a fan, but I am carfully watching the behaviour of the managers on the teams. Can I tell who wins by the behaviour of the manager? In the case of Argentina and Diego Maradona - I think they might win. Maradona has been recieving critisism for not being a good manager, but I disagree, I think he is a great coach and he is inspiring the team. He shows up at the field with props and I love it. He had a old newspaper with an article about the earlier thriumphs of Argentina. He speaks "images" and he has a naturally legendary status for being the best player, giving him respect among the players. You can see how some is resigning after 50 minutes and some keep trying.. It is very interesting to follow the managers.


Good article, but: "The Americans celebrated the win. The Brits mourned the loss."
No they didn't - the ENGLISH mourned, us Scots celebrated :-)
There is no Britain when it comes to football. And I thought you were a detail kind of guy ;-)

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