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Caspar Green

Dang! So I clicked on Stewart ONiell's link (above) to see his commercial, and I was forced to watch a lame commercial before the commercial. 1 minute out, I can't remember what the lame commercial was advertising. I can remember who to get a crappy mobile home from, tho. Ha!

Tom Matheson

Simon--Loved it!

N8 Kirby

This is good. I like the how to make a news report a little better


Stuart ONeill

This is exactly the type of commercial that is counter-intuitive on paper and a perfect brand ID builder when completed. I keep attempting to advise politician, in particular, to do the counter-intuitive commercial. It does stick in your mind.

There's one that's even better about used mobile homes. REALLY off the wall and got him business!


Watch this to see authenticity in action.


Euronews had exactly the same type of advertising about an year ago but i couldn't find the clips.


After watching this example, I find it more of the "on-the-face" kind of advertisement. Apparently breaking the trend is the key here.

Sina Mossayeb

it's brilliant. almost like the old spice guy commercials... it's ridiculous but at the same time you feel the "yeah... i get what you're doing, and I like it" | Thx for this SS

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