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Is being good at it same as better at it?

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Sometimes we dream of "achievable" visions - ones that are possible if we just turn the crank. Break it into bite size pieces, and work away. Sure, sometimes a bite size piece is a bit too big or slow, but we still make progress.

And, sometimes it helps to long for a hopeless cause. One that is basically impossible - we could never learn all teh skill sets, we are unlikely to get all the talent in the same place at the same time, the cash flow just does not work. Having that unattainable vision allows you to say "Well, X will never happen, but I can do Y, so I'll do Y." And keep plodding forward.

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My conclusion is that all the benchmark studies are useless. The only thing you have to do is check if you did better today.

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But there is an adage: to get away from a bear you don't have to be the fastest runner in the world, you just have to be faster than the guy behind you.

Happy Little

Very good reminder of what is really human nature. We don't like people who are too cocky and 'full of themselves'. A bit of humility is always good and helps to gain trust in any venue, business or personal.

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Thank you so much for this post. It put things in a whole different perspective for me. So much so, it inspired me to write a post surrounding it. I hope you can find the time to read it:


Again thank you.


Terrific post. Those who are the best get there and stay there by constantly trying to be better. Thanks for the reminder.

Allen Bramhall

The title caught me. The twist in thinking is really useful. Thanks!

Laura Lee Bloor

I would add that striving to be better is also much less stressful and daunting than aiming to be the best. Also, I've noticed that talking and viewing the world in absolutes -- like best and worst -- tends to cripple open minds.

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A great perspective! You are right, our most important competitor is ourselves. All the time attempting to outperform ourselves is the best way to be on track, is an achievable goal and makes us better.


This is a great way of looking at things and the best thing is that it's very easy to take action on it.

The reality is that there are very few things that can categorically be called the best since so much is subjective. Being and doing better, continuous improvement, is all you can do. It's just important to do it as quickly as you can.


damn - that's one nasty looking picture of a grizzly. If that amazing creature were chasing me I'd certainly feel inspired to to stay one step ahead of the pack! I so appreciate the motivation - thanks.


another home run. i was piping this to the CEO of our company today... two points: better is more realistic, but also bettering ourselves compared to our current self is just outright REAL.

John Knowles

I think that the saying "Think Big!, Then think Bigger!" fits into the same idea. The person who claims they are the best have the bourdon to live up to that. It is a short lived title. The hardest part about this bit of advise is that you will never stop running till you are better than the best! Then what? Train people to be better i guess...

Interesting idea!
Thanks for sharing.


Thank you! After watching your "Why"-talk over at Ted.com, I've read many of your blog posts. This blog is a very good source of inspiration.

Keesjan Kleef

Interesting way to look at it.
My conclusion is that all the benchmark studies are useless. The only thing you have to do is check if you did better today.

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