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Brad Fallon

That was a good list of good vs. bad. At least we are now aware on how to determine what a company is offering us. This will help us decide.


I loved reading this! I'm sending and sharing this with my marketing team right away!! Thanks Simon for your inspiration.

Nicole Peterson

I loved reading this Simon! I'm sending and sharing this post with my marketing team right away!! Thank-you for your inspiration.


Great list. Clear and concise.

If we look at each point, it brings us back to the WHY-HOW-WHAT scenario.

Good marketing focuses on WHY.

Thanks Simon!


Outstanding post. Straight forward, simple, and clear. Thanks Simon.

John Lair

That’s why advertising today are so lame and full of none sense because of bad marketing. According to Seth Godin, good marketing is a story worth to spread and share to friends, family and people we know. It is worth it because it is remarkable and unique from others on the same page. Good marketing is making something stand out that drives it target people into the market.

chris corbin

great stuff. in my mind:

good marketing is authentic.
bad marketing is fake.

Roland Bonay

Great post! I was about to send a marketing project to several internet marketing experts for advice when I got this post feed in my email. I was happy to see that my project had several elements of good marketing but it also had one major element of bad marketing. That one bad element would have ruined the enter project. So I removed the bad element and now I feel comfortable and confident enough in my marketing project to execute it without any other advice.


Good marketing starts with why, bad marketing starts with how and what.... Love your book Simon. Great stuff -Jamie

Veda Horner

Thanks Simon For someone new to marketing
like myself, you made some great points.
I have printed it out as it will keep me
on track with my marketing strategies.


great insight for education..

thank you Simon.


All true for Life in general, yes?

More info

Give examples of each please.


The terminology may be different, but the same thinking should apply to recruiting

Ellie Yamane

I love articles that are short attention span friendly.

Karl Klausewitz

The average American is exposed to over 600 advertising messages every day in some form or another. It doesn't matter anymore what field you work in- you need to understand sales and marketing on a daily basis just to get your ideas heard. http://tinyurl.com/4v4jf5a

Jani Hautamaki

Thank you for posting this. Thorough and clear..:)

Kathy Katke

I read this twice, top down and bottom up and thought about the Chrysler 300 Superbowl ad. Yes indeed. It does do all those positives.


Just smiled after reading this. Then thought about Apple ads.


Perfect for a start of an interesting internal discussion. Thanks


I printed it out. It inspires me to pieces and helps me to walk this (my) talk. Thank you for this nugget.

Josh Boxer

One of the best posts of the year. If more marketers got this, there would be way less spam in our email boxes, social networks and mailboxes.

Oldrich Kraus

Spot on, I didn't completely agree with just one point, but first commentator beat me to it. I second Peter.


A great list! I'm not sure I agree what price means to marketing, though… I would rephrase it like this:

Good marketing sometimes mentions price to bring you peace of mind (I can actually afford it!)
Bad marketing always mentions price to differentiate itself from competitors

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