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I worked at a summer camp where our rules were a "Can Do" list. With items like, "You can treat your fellow campers with respect." Worked great with the middle school and high school students we had for the summer.


Haha its funny, truth is sometimes


There's a great children's book my wife and I used to read to our son called Lizzy's Dos and Don'ts that really drives this same point across to kids (and for the adults reading for that matter)

Asa Davis

This is so true. It reminds me of my friend Bob Nicoll's book "Remember the Ice" in which he says "There is power in the clarity of your articulation." His book is centered around eliminating the "not" words from our vocabularies so we can be more direct and clear about what we want. Focusing on the negative simply gives people barriers; giving them things they CAN do empowers them.


So true Simon. The "don't" list of rules most organizations have creates an institutional culture - one that takes life rather than giving it. Great idea to create an Allowed List, and give life within your team!

David Marquet

Simon, great words.
cultures have had 2 approaches to this.
First, if it isn't strictly allowed, it's not allowed.
If it isn't strictly prohibited, it's allowed.
now you have a new one!

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