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Christine Westermark

As always, I find your thoughts inspiring. It is particularly kind of you to share your own "advantage".

Through the heart wrenching experience of having my son diagnosed with ADD and defending him against a drug regime, my husband was also diagnosed. At first he was optimistic to have a name for "the way he is". But many days it is hard for me to motivate them both. They are very sensitive to how they don't measure up, instead of being grateful for the ways that the can enjoy life to a much greater degree than the rest of us.

Jahn Laster

Thank you Simon.
You so eloquently say what I feel.
Great to have a voice out there!

Pax et Bonum

Mike Hamilton

Incredible paradigm shift the way you view your ADHD as an advantage. The idea of abnormal advantages that you lay out really gives someone a phenomenal vantage point which to work to their unique skills. Great post!


The other advantage of this approach is that we focus on the positive about people and not the negative. That builds us all up and doesn't tear us down. Far less tiring. Far more human.

Francois du Toit

I so agree with what you are saying! Talking about teachers and school, school is a mass production labelling company. The sytem and the people in the system label kids or 'categorise' them and it takes years for someone to realise their true potential if they got the wrong label!

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