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wo xiang xing yan gan pei

Herve Leger

Very cool idea. I think I will have to try this one. I just love the "It's the Little Things" line. Thanks!

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So cognitive so article! To my mind Nelson was the greatest admiral and commander!
P.S.I will remind you the slogan of English SAS: Who dares wins!

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Sure, if you have an assistant with really great eyeballs or maybe those miner head-light things that magnify stuff, you won't ever find that stray hair or ten on your chin, the ones that popped up just this morning. I can't afford that crap and I don't plan to. I'd rather just sit at red lights, resist the draw of my iPhone, and try to pluck the offending hairs out of my chin myself

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I am feeling a bit dazed by the turn my life has taken in the past month. I was essentially alone in NYC, with little support. And LOD and I were both so stretched by the physical and circumstantial limitations of living there that it felt like a big house of cards. Here, I have much more ease and leeway in everything.

Tanya Malott, Photographer

Great story here about Brian Stelter....http://www.towson.edu/main/discovertowson/brianstelter.asp

His passion about the media made him one of the most important bloggers about the media (TVNewser), but he did it anonymously because he was a college freshman at the time, and didn't think anyone would take him seriously.

So young, and so wise.

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I also just wanted to let you know that your blog looks great!!! It is very appealing & easy to read..
thanks for sharing!



something to share.

Leonard Mudachi

This is a brilliant article. Ever since I read Start with Why, I diligently recommend it to anyone who will care to listen. Simon, if your why is to inspire, you really have found it.

Neliswa fente

I absolutely love this, I am 25 years old from South Africa and personally very irritated and bored being called a "leader of tomorrow" the statement is patronizing and does not empower!

Africa is in need of new YOUNG leadership.

Thank you for this, it just proves what we always talk about is true!


I love this! I'm 24 myself and just starting out- a lot of people think i'm naive and i get the typical 'we've tried that before etc)

Determination, passion, bravery and confidence!


Thank you, Simon. I said it a couple of days ago on Twitter - you don't ever seem to miss.

I find myself at the midpoint between passion and experience, and it's a good thing. My job I have thanks to my experience, the new ideas with which I'm experimenting online have nothing to do with experience and everything to do with passion. It's a good place to be, and a GREAT time to turn a corner in life. Thanks for helping me characterize it, or as they said in "Things to do in Denver ..." - "Give it a name!"

monika hardy

passion is a valuable currency.
spot on Simon.
thank you.

are you going to the contact conf in ny in oct? contactcon.com

Ember Nevill

Great post. I wish I could share your articles on Twitter easier. This one speaks to SO many! Always awesome.


* I think we are responsible for inspiring them to do what they're inspired to do for others, and helping them -- either by connecting them with other people, or helping them ourselves -- to do this.


I think that... in many instances, the older you get, the more likely it is that you have a child that you are taking care of.

First, it is one thing to take a risk that endangers you, and another entirely to endanger someone so precious to you -- perhaps I only speak for myself, but for me it is better to die than to watch someone you love dying.

Second, however, there seems to be a problem with understanding what it is exactly that we are responsible for in terms of raising our children.

I do not think it is a far reach to believe that when more people believe in a world where we do what we are passionate about and other people join together with us and ensure that we are able to keep doing that to support ourselves and our children... that this kind of phenomenon where older people seem to "get lost" won't happen.... and, best of all, children will be inspired by that, and do the same for future generations.

Lenore Weller

You know, I heard that same sentiment from one of our brilliant students at Boise State University during our LITE Blue presentations. His whole idea was to imagine being young and think like a child. Simon was our guest speaker for that event and we appreciated the time he spent with our students. The passion of the Young!!

Steph Davis

It's so awesome to hear someone else say what we've been saying to our clients. Follow what you feel called to do - and the finances will take care of themselves. Divert from the original purpose and everything else falls, too. We're young too, and help entrepreneurs regain that passion and develop a strategy (based on heart) to reach their goals :) www.digudesign.com Go Simon and Jill :)

Jon Hammond

When is that moment when we start to think as an 'older' person?
When are we expected to be the 'wiser' one?
This great article re-enforces the need to always be open minded - no matter how old we are (or feel)
Well done Simon - keep on holding up the mirror


Well into my seventh decade, I constantly seek the inherent wisdom & compassion of the very young, the unbridled enthusiasm & optimism of the not-quite young and the passion of the not-quite middle-aged.
Thanks, Simon: bring on the Brave New World!

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