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Very cool idea. I think I will have to try this one. I just love the "It's the Little Things" line. Thanks!

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Your mind will alter your perception if your programs aren't appropriate at the time. Being calm is the only way to see things clearly. What ever happens I believe happens for a reason and you have to find a sense of peace in the moment because that's all that matters.

Thank you for inspiring and sharing

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Among the enemies of America and the West are men who do not fire missiles, but who hijack aircraft full of fuel and fly them into crowded buildings.

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Thank you. It's a great thing to realize how we get worried about the minutia of life.

Kristen Gill

I love this story. I so completely know what you mean...those of us with over-active imaginations can all relate, I'm sure.

In times like that I do two things:
1) Repeat to myself what Albert Ellis taught me years ago "My thoughts are creative, my imagination is a creative pursuit."

2) Perform Emotional Freedom Technique on myself...it's a form of hypnosis that involves tapping on pressure points...

The combo works really well.

Glad you got your wheels down safely!

Oleh Dubno

I enjoyed the read. Thank you

(Reminded me of a talk, I heard by Seth Godin)
Seth Godin mentions something similar to your experience. He mentions our amygdala. Our amygdala is for fight or flight, responsible for our emotions and is the same as a lizard brain. Its handy when being chased by a tiger. Everything becomes black and white, yes or no, should I fight or run. We don't get chased by tigers anymore, but the amygdala lights up in moments of an airplane hitting turbulence, our boss calling us into his office and/or speaking in front of a crowd. It tells us to not raise our hand, don't speak in front of a large crowd because you might fail. We become afraid and have no control over rational decisions. We're afraid of making mistakes and this causes us to fail.



this is a fabulous post and perfect timing as I woke this morning full of worry when nothing, absolutely nothing is going wrong, just my mind imagining all sorts of crazy scenarios.

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Great true story Mr.Sinek to understand the mechanism of anxiety. I could also notice that you were perfectly aware of the reactions of your mind, initially turbulent and later calm and observant. No other thought occupied your mind and the mind was so sharp. In fact after the turbulence you were meditating effortlessly.


First of all, glad all ended well! While reading this, a leadership lesson jumped out at me. On a flight, you're a follower. When something seemed wrong, you immediately wanted to hear from the leader for either information or reassurance. Once you heard from the leader and that there was a plan to remedy to the problem, you relaxed. As the plan was being implemented, you relaxed more as you experienced signs the plan was working and the problem would soon be remedied. This is why leadership communication in a crisis is so important. Followers at least need to know the leader is aware of the problem and there's a plan to fix it.

monika hardy

what a huge notice.
what a great way to explain it: grace under pressure.

thank you Simon.


AWESOME article. Thank you. It's a great thing to realize how we get worried about the minutia of life. We often miss the best and most important things life has to offer. Stress is what we make it and it comes from thought.
When you control your thoughts, you control yourself and your reactions. Live with peace I say. Cheers!
(Thanks for sharing Simon! Amazing TED Talk btw. Keep it up. Very inspiring!)

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