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A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.

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I very much agreeights. Hope that more could write such a good word!

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Thanks for the memory and respect for these people!

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Unfortunately when the world is overwhelmingly leave these people! Great honor and praise him! difficult even to estimate its contribution to the development of the world, and even harder to imagine how he could do! Let rest in peace!

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I'd be interested in hearing. The TOS seems rather clear that it is not unless expressly approved by Amazon. I guess if the library got it in writing then they would be ok.

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we are all gearing up to create new cards to send to friends and family. If you are anything like me, I always try to "outdo!!??" myself each year and that in itself can be very stressful. So I have tried to use the "KISS" technique for these next ones.

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The pain is still very vivid at times, but less intense at other times. I have "breakthrough" pain drugs I can take, but I'm trying not to. I'm trying to see if I can handle a day or two with only the pain patches. It hasn't even been 24 hours yet

Kyle Vitasek

My life will never be the same b/c of Apple's innovation via Steve Jobs. My MacBook, Final Cut, and Iphone are great.

However, they pale in comparison to the relationships that have given me my purpose, zeal, and joy in life.

I wish Steve had experienced more of this sort of thing, so I intend to live my life in his honor investing in humans. I hope to contribute great pieces of art to our culture along the way, but humans will always be more important to me than products.

Read more here: www.rekre8blog.com - simon, your thoughts?

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this guy was the best of all!! he had a lot of talents!


Simon you were one of the first people i thought of when i heard the knews...as one of those "who" waited in line you described who i was and why i bot apple products... Steve Jobs keynotss were a "holy" day at our office... a day for black turtlenecks and jeans, lunch brought in, telephone put on hold, fresh apples as decor... when their was a "glitch" in the functionality of the iphone 4 - it was steve jobs who addressed the consumer personally... offering a bumper or a return - that in the face of the meltdown on wall street and exposing of CEO greed - in all ways steve jobs did "the right thing"

Justin Mitchel

People who didn't know Jobs mourned his death like people do when the Pope dies. Sure, it wasn't as dramatic, but it definitely had tons of emotions behind his passing.

You're definition of why people do what they do is evident in the actions taken by millions around the globe; twitting they'll miss him as if he was a relative, buying his products (I even bought a new MacBook Air to pay my respects to him), lighting candles at his stores. People buy and love apple because the founder who lead it was very clear about his why.

Simon, I believe in you. I hope that someday you start a company that does more then just help us realize our own why. I hope that you start something that can change the way we interact with our surrounding world. I'm a big fan of yours and I am so lucky to have met you at the Kairos Summit in 2010 in NY.

Justin Mitchel

jolina karen

Thanks, Simon. Beautifully written.

M. Cupschalk

I am a person who did/does not follow the beat of everyone else. I used the very first Apple in my design business. I have a very large MAC now and I am in love with it. We have been so blessed that this great man graced our lives in this lifetime we shared with his genius.
Steve Jobs showed us a way to live, communicate and share ideas that can touch the heavens. His strength in the battle of his life will be also remembered. I bow to you, Steve Jobs.

Mark Horoszowski

I just walked by the Steve Jobs memorial in New York and then read this post... I'm now moved, touched, and inspired. Thanks for saying what was so hard to say - I used some of your closing along side with some pictures from the NY memorial in my update: http://www.aspentonepal.com/2011/10/think-differently.html

Thanks, Simon!

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John Schult

Thank you Simon for saying what was in all of our hearts. Thank you Steve Jobs for touching us all. 

Stephen Shedletzky (@SteveShed)

Steve Jobs will continue to inspire Think Different Nation to challenge the status quo for generations to come. Very well written, Simon. Thank you - thank you for discovering and articulating why Jobs is so special! You have manifested his impact.

Yvonne Rice

This is so, so sad. Many people in life talk about making a difference. Few have the courage of conviction at any cost to see it through. So many people in life are quick to criticize, so few to bow their heads in acknowledgement of someone who stepped out of their comfort zone - opened themselves up for potential ridicule and changed the world anyway.

Smiles to you Steve Jobs, Yvonne

A Close

Well said.

"100% of customers are people", I think that's one idea that Steve Jobs never wavered from. It was always crystal clear why Steve was doing what he was doing, and he led everyone to believe.

Yor Ryeter

He was inspiring, creative, and a genius.

He made technology a fun thing to be part of our lives.

He set a new standard of being cool.

He left a legacy worth remembering in history: A great man who used his talents to change the world for the better.



I was in a pensive mood upon hearing of Steve Jobs passing, here is what I posted to FB:

I think Steve Jobs greatest gift to the world was his talent to bring an artistic mindset to the technological world. Steve's passionate vision that technology could be beautiful, that it could be intuitive, that it could be lovingly designed for personal use, such that it could become a key, even a door, into the creative energy of the human spirit. These are the essentials of the gift Steve gave us. Technology is now a medium, like any classic art, where a term like elegance is of common usage. Technology CAN be beautiful, technology CAN be elegant, if it is pursued with tenacity nigh unto insanity, thereby becoming insanely great. Thank you Steve for your artist's spirit, your warrior's heart and your engineering hand. God grant you peace and rest.


Beautiful tribute to a man that cared.

Bonnie Chomica

Great tribute, Simon. Steve Jobs truly changed the world. He didn't just make products. He inspired us as a great leader.

Susan Guerra

My only fear is that Apple wont continue his legacy and create products that improves the way people communicate. However, he did give us enough tools to continue this mission... We got some pretty big shoes to fill! Thank You Steve Jobs for not only improving our world but for showing us why & how to do it.

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