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Very cool. Your ability to story-tell to spread your insights is magic!


It seems to me that there is no common rule for definition of purpose.


I have met some really neat people through the comments, I certainly want to encourage more me to comment. Thanks for the tips!



I sure hope this is the true definition of purpose. I did enjoy the clip and will be watching it again with my wife when i get home.

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You know, i almost cry with you as you were telling the story, i cant imagine how that would be


cool article on the definition of purpose. I'll read up on this once I get home with my wife as I find this very interesting. Thanks!

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if had a pretty f**k up life, but still i've try to live my life in the way you talk and the funny part i never heard of you before


this has meaning in two of the most significant ways-- I've been disconnected from my purpose for some time now and it's good to hear that it can happen to the best of us. Also, my brother is a Marine serving in Afghanistan, so this story strikes dead on with me. Thank you.


It was incredible listening to Simon for 2 hours. I was on the edge of my seat. Powerful, yet so humble. We are blessed to have witnessed his heart.

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Very cool idea. I think I will have to try this one. I just love the "It's the Little Things" line. Thanks!

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Thanks for sharing a bit of your experience...

Nick Buchanan

I love your work Simon, but I am shocked at the absence of "Why" in this piece...and in the comments here:
Why are the U.S. in Afghanistan?
Why are the U.S. invading so many countries (on flimsy remits)

I am surprised that you can support the military whilst U.S. Foreign Policy is so ugly at the moment.

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I very much agreeights. Hope that more could write such a good word!

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I very much agreeights. Hope that more could write such a good word!

Des Ferris

simon, your story is inspiring but the way you tell it, is truly incredible.

please make you way to Ireland to address business leaders here.


Simon, profoundly moving on so many levels. Thank you for sharing your story- Thank you for delving deep into your own soul to find these truths, these insights...

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the meaning of life is to simply exist. As organisms every cell in our body is created with the urge to want to survive no matter what. Only humans try to put meaning and purpouse to this life, at the end if you are simply existing you are fulfilling 1/2 of your purpouse, the other half being producing offspring so this pointless life cycle can continue. So if you can do that, your fulfilling natures purpouse. :)


Great politicians eat last.

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Awesome blog over here! Thanks for sharing this very usefull information.

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Have no fear of perfection ---- you’ll never reach it.

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555sql Anything to work hard to make, the outcome is that god's will, don't begin no faith and produce not hard, this is confidence.

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I'm just saw this post yesterday and have to say that it takes things to another level from the presentation you made at the AFPA Worldwide seminar - which was excellent. What an awesome lesson!

Thanks for sharing this and for doing what you do! It was great meeting you at the Worldwide.


Thank you.

Peggy L. Ritter

After listening to this I no longer feel like I've wasted this day. Thank You


Thanks Simon... very inspiring!

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