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I'm part of a new non-profit. It started in 2009. I joined in 2011. Slow is a key theme. It's such a temptation to not see the value in slow.

We have to purposely go back as a team and look at why has slow mattered. What insights or persuasive and insightful experiences have taken place only in the slowness?

When you ride against the grain of culture you have to know why more than ever.

I've just been introduced to your work. I am grateful. Thank you for pursuing what you believe in and sharing it with others. Godspeed.


Just yesterday I watched your video "If you don't Understand People, You Don't Understand Business." Upon pressing play, I looked at the length: ....30 minutes. And I sat there and sighed; I wished it could get the message across quicker. Reluctantly, I kept watching, though I had multiple tabs open on my browser just screaming to be clicked on.
The thing that happened, however, was that I started to really WANT to watch and listen to what you were saying. The message you shared that reminisced of Dale Carnegie's teachings was spectacular! In this day and age, sure it takes some self control to slow down, but it really is worth it. Thanks for being such a down to earth, honest, businessperson Simon!


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This is a very important factor in life for all of us. If you rush everything will eventually crash for you and then you will be forced to go slow and take things easily.

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the slow time is for the ones we loves, for all the time we are going to spend with them and make every second be worth of it


Everything these days is so hectic. Thanks for the insight and taking things in a more pacific way so we don't stress ourselves to death. Thank a lot.


There is a reason a home cooked meal has greater value than fast food...and it’s not just because of the ingredients. It’s because a meal cooked at home is slow. It has to be. We can’t make something with love in a microwave. The process is slow.

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Beautifully said. My clients get this speech from me quite often as how can we enjoy anything truly enjoyable if we don't take the time to savor it. Many thanks!

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A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.

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If we ask "What salary are you looking for?" say you're flexible, or say it depends on the responsibilities of the job. Try not to name a salary unless we really push you, because that gives us a leg up in the negotiating.

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I like this shot, remembering my childhood when starting to ride a bike.

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I very much agreeights. Hope that more could write such a good word!

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Yes defiantly GO SLOW . the moment of first driving bicycle is great moment of I think everyone's.

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nice advise and technically so good for so many. You continue to inspire with your insights. thanks for your post.


Exemplary message, Simon!

Since I'm past a half a hundred in age, I can tell you one thing for sure ...

The older you get, the faster time flies.

For that reason, alone ...



For a decade one of my sayings that came to me after a walk with people i was getting to know: "Go slow to go fast"

I've found that a satisfying and productive way to follow that mantra is to see the sweet spot of strongest shared interest and suggest we explore it together. That can lead to adventure, friendship and sometimes even co-creation

~ another fan of Simon's deceptively simple ideas


"We live in a world in which a YouTube video longer than 5 min is considered too long and the ideas that are supposed to change the world are only given a maximum time of 18 minutes on TED.com."

I hear you!

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This article are very inspiring.It is important to give time on anything specially to our family. Because we cannot get everything in a rush.


great post. i really loved what you said. thanks.

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Hi Simon,

you write "Time is a non-refundable commodity. Once it’s spent, it’s gone." I disagree. Time can be wasted, and then it is in fact gone. Or it can be spent, with consideration, on something or with someone important to us, and then it is transformed into memories, and it is not gone, it will remain with us forever. Time is not just linear, 'travelling' from past through current to future. Our lifetime is a pool of time, and the richest of man is the one who will manage to life every moment conciously and keep it alive in their memories.

Kind regards!

Ralf Schnell

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good,Most of the trouble in the world is caused by people wanting to be important.


I loved this -
Anything slow, by definition, takes time...and that's exactly what makes it special.

What an amazing way to end something you wish didn't end. This... made me think.

Thank you :)

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