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Antonia Lo Giudice

Just read this post...WOW!!! I totally related to it. I recently made a big changes in my life and am now pursuing my true passion...one of the changes was moving to Buenos Aires. I enrolled in Spanish courses thinking "I will be fluent in no time, I already speak Italian and French, hey Spanish is similar, within a couple of weeks, I will have it down packed." Turns out I couldn't have been more wrong...My frustration nearly led me to quit school. Only, when I realized that I was missing out on opportunities, did I allow myself to embrace the stages of learning a new language...Now, not only am I able to carry on a conversation comfortably, my patience allowed for me to meet so many new friends!

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I like this shot, remembering my childhood when starting to ride a bike.


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Peter Franzén

Did you change the text in Go Slow?

Jamie G. Dougherty (JAMIE|LIVING)

Beautifully said. My clients get this speech from me quite often as how can we enjoy anything truly enjoyable if we don't take the time to savor it. Many thanks!

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our fast world, slow should not be a luxury reserved for time off on a beach or in a spa. Slow is a necessity. None of us learned to ride a bike in an afternoon. The process was slow. None of us formed deep, trusting and lasting relationships over one beer. The process was slow.

There is a reason a home cooked meal has greater value than fast food...and it’s not just because of the ingredients. It’s because a meal cooked at home is slow. It has to be. We can’t make something with love in a microwave. The process is slow.

Slow is what allows us to learn. Slow is what allows us to trust. Slow is what allows us to feel love for each other. The problem with slow is it requires time. And that’s exactly why it’s so powerful. It is the single highest gift we can give to someone, to give them our time. To offer hours, days, weeks, months or more knowing full well that any time we spend we will not get back, ever. Time is a non-refundable commodity. Once it’s spent, it’s gone. Time, more than money, has real, lasting value


Fantastic advice, and so applicable to so many things: entrepreneurship, execution, family, marriage, kids... slow down to go faster. Thanks Simon, as always.


You continue to inspire with your insights. Thanks for a great post!


Thanks Simon for the blog. Actually that 18 min was enough to convince me to buy your book. Three books for christmas: Brains on fire, Dan Pink Drive and your book. Christmas will be awesome!


Great blog post! Thank you for reminding us how valuable time is!


I wonder about the actual implementation of the idea. Say an individual reads Start With Why, buys into the concept, imagines the impact it can have on the organization, and then attempts to implement it. Like a New Years resolution, we attempt to make our lives better by changing our habits, but often fail because we lose momentum. How is that reconciled? How do we successfully implement ideas into our everyday lives?


Well... I guess the same goes for travel! We think we are more of a traveler or a better tourist, when we visit more places or more countries. We do it fast to see more! But, unconsciously, we miss the fact that the main pleasure of a travel is to slowly feel the place and people.

monika hardy

love this Simon...

ideas that are supposed to change the world are given an 18 min time slot.
slow is a necessity.
time is a non-refundable commodity.

I know many think tech is just speeding things up... but my experience is.. the web is allowing me to zoom out and see the 24/7 aspect as an opportunity to slow down. to relax my heart. to breathe. I don't think in terms of deadlines or definitions or ends of conversations any more.
life has become more of a quiet revolution.

thank you for the refocus.

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Kirk Prentiss

Simon, this is the reason why our way of life is killing us each day. There is no appreciation for time nor the value of things done with invested time. Instant gratification is a disease, and the cure is to take time to live, explore, or just take in the beauty of the world around you. Keep reminding us; you give us a great gift of your time in doing so.

Gene Hammett

I can really appreciate this message. I often schedule time in my life for my mind to wander and discover new things. You cannot do that any other way than SLOW DOWN.

Keep up the inspiration.


Christos kyliakoudis

I think Simon you are adopting the Mediterranean mentality. Maybe you are slow but you are in The right direction. :-) Slow was given me the time to reflect and understand. Slow was the opportunity to think clearly. Slow has made take the right decisions the last year. I am slow and will continue to go slow in the right direction instead of fast in the wrong direction. Right direction is where you heart is. You must go slow to listen your heart.



Garry Stafford

Yes Tentblogger! It's certainly a value we've lost! I just went over my history for this morning and I've gone through about 2 dozen sites. Skimming. Except for yours TB! I was digging into many of your pages!

But I do find that in the ongoing search for more, for better, not much is gained. It's only through digging down that the strongest roots can be grown. No doubt.

Taking the time, Simon, taking it slow, takes discipline, at least for me. Much of which I neglected this morning! Thank you so much for the reminder!


Proud to be part of that minority! Your words are powerful Simon, please keep them coming!




love this. it's a value that we've lost in the digital world.

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