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Account Deleted

I certainly enjoyed the way you explore your experience and knowledge about the subject..PSD to WordPress


+1 for Barry Schwartz - this is covered in his book "The Paradox of Choice" which is a great read.

Account Deleted

I love the way you expressed your thoughts in your blog post.. Very interesting indeed!

Greg Taylor

Great lesson learned here. Working as for a WordPress design firm, in Arizona we always see a project gets stopped when we present too ways to tackle or approach the job. The projects that sail smoothly are the ones that we assert our expertise and say, "this is how you need to go about things."

We all want to empower our clients with options, but we actually end up overwhelming them. This was a perfect read for today. Thanks.

Laura Gironda

I feel the same way when I go to a restaurant...more on the menu is overwhelming, not appealing. As always, nice work Simon.

Wayne Mansfield

True show story... a few years ago Joanne and I were in Shenzen China and we went ot a show store where shoes that would be $120 in Australia were $8 - EXACTLY the same as home.

Problem: there were 30 colours to choose from. To this day Joanne regrets not buying more but she got just 3 becuase there were "too many colours to choose from."

Ben Holt

Every time I read an article about this idea, especially one that's well written, it baffles me that more businesses - which are usually run by intelligent people - don't keep this principle in mind!

Thanks Simon, and thanks Gcouros for the TED link. That's a good one!


Again, I love your writing. If you haven't seen this Barry Schwartz Ted Talk, it is definitely applicable to what you are discussing:


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