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Thus the weakness is not a stand alone, it's an explanation of when you're at your best and when your lid slams down. Organizations will then hire you if it's right - right for them and right for you.

source: http://www.human-growth-hormone-hgh.net

Lanell Beckles

Your article is good. However, I'm unsure how to apply this concept when I'm an entrepreneur. Yes...I can hire people who will complement myself, but if I'm a solopreneur, when would I need to highlight my weaknesses? Talking to my followers, I believe there should be a sense of imperfection, but what is the best way to highlight that?


This is so brilliant, I've been struggling with this very issue when writing blog posts these days to inspire people without sounding arrogant but also that I didn't make the progress they are seeking, and in a human way.


Nice take on this Simon. I enjoy that you start every weakness not only with context, it's a context that highlights your Hows - how you do your best work. Thus the weakness is not a stand alone, it's an explanation of when you're at your best and when your lid slams down. Organizations will then hire you if it's right - right for them and right for you.


My fave weakness quote is - "If love is your greatest weakness, you'll be the strongest person in the world."

Antonia Lo Giudice

Hi Simon

Awesome post!!! In my ten experience working in a big Canadian Corporation, I managed several teams from different platforms. My biggest passion, developing individuals strengths. In doing so, as you have explained here, some of them, turned out their weakness was their strength. It provided breakthrough results.

Obviously I agree on the importance of recognizing our weaknesses as a strength. However, of course I speak from experience, not everyone has this vision. Example: "I do my best work in a team...you won't get the best work out of me...if I am alone." If the vision of the organization is "hierarchy", they will view this as lack of self confidence.
Having said this, I still definitely agree with being open and honest as you have described. The main reason for this is because, it is important that you do what you love, that you are your true self. This should not be compromised with doing a job that goes against your values.
If your honesty is what does not get you that job, then, you should beat yourself on how you should answer that question the next time. You should be grateful that you did NOT get it!!! You would have been miserable otherwise!


Being aware of someone's weaknesses shouldn't negatively affect them. Neither should disclosing them when you're asked.

After all aren't we trying to get the best out of our colleagues, not the worst?

Weaknesses are rarely show stoppers but its great to know what they are so you can set expectations.

Grat article, thanks Simon.


I have always learned that a weakness is actually a strength you do too much or too often. So if you find the strength behind your weakness you can use it to balance it. So a disorganized person may be a very creative idea machine. It also helps in foucsing your own place in an organisation or group.


Thanks for this post. Weaknesses are important, and trying to hide them, or dodging the bullet as you suggest Simon, serves no one well. I wrote a piece on weakness recently called Quitter. I found it tough to write and enjoyed the subsequent release. And like you I feel that talking honestly about these weaknesses is a strength. In case you or your readers are interested here is a link to what I wrote.



Before becoming an executive and leadership coach, I was in industry for over 20 years. I've done my share of interviews.

Whenever I was asked my weakness I would say, "You'll need to speak to my wife." I was being honest and the interviewer always laughed. This meant they related to what I was saying. At that moment, I formed a relationship.

Simon, I agree with flipping a "perceived" negative into a positive. Well said.


Great article! Thanks Simon!

Tarpit Grover

Very Helpful and well written article!

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