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Simon thank you for writing this post.

It is a very achievable dream of helping each other to our own individual successes. It's just a matter of helping others see how close it really is!

I quoted you in one of my blogs to make my point more concrete and supported. Thank you!

You can see the blog I referenced you in here:

Robert Connor

That's the name of the game fail and learn - have a great day on purpose!


This is WHY I do what I do and WHY I surround myself with GREAT people.

Thank you Simon!

Lanell Beckles

It would be nice if we all found a person who was on the same path as us and who had the same open heart and the other person. In a world of competition, some people don't want collaboration. And if you do collaborate, who do you trust? I've been in situations when I don't trust the other person and I'm usually right. It makes the future tougher to trust another person. Any suggestions?


I imagine a world where everyone realized that to get what I want, I have to give to someone else first. Literally. So I give my neighbor a box of Cheerios, he gives his neighbor a box of cereal and so on...I turn around and someone is giving me a box of Cheerios and round it goes. No one would want for anything...We actually do need each other. Happy Birthday Simon!

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