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Brilliant - this is something I always stated and believed! Thank you for the validation. Managers use checklists to verify tasks were completed; checked the clock to ensure everyone showed up on time, etc. Leaders create the space that allows people to perform their work. And when this happens people work harder and are more loyal. I believe in hiring well, once that happens there is no need for checklists or clocks.


This is where most Managers in leadership positions fall short. When the focus is more on the fruits of our labor and not the people we the risk of losing good, who end up going elsewhere. People matter; when we put people first and lead them into leadership positions we receive far more production and a far better environment to be a part of.


On the nose. When I ask myself what I prize most, I know that I'd rather have a leader than a manager. Working with students every day, I know that everything we do and say is part of a learning process. Letting go of the need to be "right" is difficult, but approaching everything we do with the goal of learning something (even if it's what doesn't work) frees them to think and take risks...and frees me to allow them to be far more amazing on their own than if I had my thumb on them.

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