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Vero Antonio Paulaitis

Loved the post!
Another lifelong left sider here, not feeling alone anymore. ;)


Funny thing about us. Although we now everyone is unique, we love to compare ourselves and find our lookalike. Sometimes feel bad when we are not like the others...

Very good article...

A Facebook User LelaRastHartsaw


Thanks for reposting this today on facebook. Very insightful, as usual. And may I add, I adore the use of Gonzo as the visual! That's a lovely little lagniappe! Q: Is it odd to be PROUD to be a left-sider? I've always rather enjoyed it. Admittedly, it has had it's lonely moments, but all in all, I feel confident that I'm getting more beats per measure than most from my personal drummer! You? Thanks for the reassurance.


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Its terribly confusing to always feel different because of your staying true to yourself, or what you believe, or what you Love, and you wonder a lot: "why bother myself with being different???"
You either feel really great from what you do, or really, bad.

Therefore knowing WHAT you love and WHY you love it is crazy important.

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See, the beautiful thing is that most people are left-siders for at least something.

Melody Johnson

Simon .. thank you for this post. I used to have a young woman who worked for me that used to say people who have "this" ... this is the left-siders. It is a lonely place and often we think we are all alone, thanks for putting it so eloquently, softly and caring.


I love it! Totally agree...


You'll never hear us say "Is this as good as it gets?" we're always thinking of ways to make it better!!

Captivating presentation on TED "How great leaders inspire action"

Mariam Cisse

Don't want to waste your time, so I make this one short: AWESOME! Agree with the former comments...I'm absolutely with you and consider myself as an up and coming left-sider. Thumbs up!


Last week I watched your TED talk about "WHY". That was the most insightful TED I have heard. I would definitely place myself on the left-side. But its is difficult to stay there while repeatedly hearing "no?, "are you nuts?","can't be done". It seems much easier for people to tear down then build up.

Thank you for your insights!!


What a brilliant post, I loved it! I am a left-sider as well and this post helped me see that I am not the only one feeling lonely, weird or plain outcast because of it. Thanks!!!



What a touching post. Lifelong left-sider here (I think lifelong is probably the only way to be a left-sider)— I love the idea that there's a band of us out there, looking for the secret wink. Exactly the message I needed in the middle of my particularly complicated day today.





This was a great post. I have never thought about 'protecting' the left. Some folks have had tremendous opportunity and should help out. Also, remembering to listen to your own drum is so important. If you are well versed in the topic at hand and believe in your direction...push through.

Thanks for the post Simon!

Richard H

Thank you for reminding me to continue my journey.
I'm sailing the world, seeing what's out there and telling my tribe what I found and what they can achieve.

Luciano Palma

Again Simon... you did it again!!!
If someone ever tried to map your DNA, he would definitely find the word INSPIRATION there.
Thanks for you posts. They always come at the right time, to keep my "Inspirometer" at high levels.
Great job!


As Dave Ramsey says, "Be weird. Be very, very weird. You don't want to be normal. Normal is BROKE!" This is his advice for people trying to get out of debt, and I think it applies to anyone who is trying to do something that they have never done before.

"You have to lose sight of the shore to sail to new lands." And you have to be CRAZY to be willing to lose sight of the shore.

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