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Mir Mohammad Ali Khan

Nice to read it !

Mir Mohammad Ali Khan


Simon - Very interesting looking back and I had said it all along you NAILED IT not here but in your Ted Talk. Hillary always dealt with the "what" and the "how" (policy wonks) and Trump nailed the WHY (a leader). From reading your article and reading the comments no one believed Americans were suffering. Trump hit the WHY with his now historical slogan "Make America Great Again". It was that simple. He gave the public the WHY. Why he was doing what he was doing (agree or disagree he was very clear while Hillary had NO WHY) and why you should vote for him. I credit you for getting Trump elected because I am sure he is a fan of yours. As a believer in disruption as the way to progress so goes politics. Neither party was willing to self-disrupt(and they will or would never - no industry self disrupts) and so we have Trump as President. I laugh as all the disrupters try to discredit the efforts of Trumps disruptions. They laughed at Musk. Bezos was going bankrupt. Branson is a looser. At the time, all the experts counted these guys out when ever they hit a rough spot and now we are praising them as heroes of the world like they are part of the some super hero team (Oh all had HUGE EGOS - just like Iron Man) - Same can go for Trump. We all need to step back and make sure we are working for the GOOD OF ALL in this nation otherwise this nation will not longer exist as it is known today.


You might be interested in this documentary 'Donald Trump: The Apprentice President?'

It goes behind the bravado image of Donald Trump, talking to his childhood friends and billionaire buddies, as well as his critics and those who have had the experience of working with him.


You can get 35% off with the promo code: donTRUMP


As a Canadian and having watched the leadership debacle of the crack infused mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford I can't help see the similarities to Donald Trump. In Trumps case he is addicted to narcissism and as you point out Simon, thrives on paranoia, cynicism, and mistrust. What was most interesting about Fords journey was looking at who was passionate about his "cause" and why. It was the blue collar, going against the grain citizen who like Trumps followers have had enough of being "shafted by the man" so to speak. The driver at the outset, as it appears to be with Trump, was that outsider status (Ford is a millionaire businessman as well) but soon morphed to a pack mentality that simply became passionate about winning at any cost, even is the cost resulted in less. Ford was really only stopped by an aggressive cancer that caused him to step down, but the underlying cancer of our communities still exists. To arrest this cancer that is permeating so much of our culture requires a prescription of Simon. Stop focusing on WHAT we can do to get our pound of flesh, and HOW we are going inflict the most damage and start with the WHY. We need someone to present the idea that begins with the question of uncovering or rediscovering what we are genuinely passionate about and how we can invest in each other to find the gold in ourselves and each other. A passion rooted in relationships rallying together, like post 9/11, will create a space to move from intractable positions to underlying needs desires, concerns and fears. Trust is in short supply these days and a healthy conflict management system, personally and organizationally is the prescription to building trust both here in Canada and the United States!


Clear, Accurate, and very Worrying.
Completely agree with the sentiment and even strongly believe an outsider must come and do a thorough spring clean in the house of politics (both in the US and beyond). However, I fear the day that the most influential position on the planet, is controlled by a man that is driven by negativity.

What is needed to get the right outsider at the helm? How can we influence the course of this onslaught, and move it towards a better future for all?


This is the best description of EXACTLY how I feel. You said it perfectly!

Not only should Hillary be worried, but I think the current situation also demonstrates the flawed, twisted perspective that feeds a country that believes reality TV is "real life".

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