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Adriana Bertini

Hi Simon,

I love your tips and advice!

There is not a day that goes by that I don't watch some of your videos, they are really useful to us. At lunchtime, I watch your videos on YouTube and I always learn something new from your vision.

You are a great and very authentic guy. I would like you to know that your advice is applied to our company in Peru, you have really become a global influencer now.

I invite you to meet us, we are INNOVATION HUB CONSULTING, a Business Transformation Consultant Firm based in Perú. We transform companies through the use of technology, Big Data analysis, IT solutions, digital strategies, omnichannel marketing, innovation, and creativity.

This is our digital assets in case you want to know more about us https://www.ihc.pe/


Adriana Bertini


Politician or Stateman/Statewoman

Simon, I love you 4 tips.
Tip one will reveal us if Theresa May is a politician or a statewoman, and being European I hope for the latter. ;-)
Regarding the UK situation, the situation is not as bad as you make it! Only 36% or voters showed up on election days. therefore the 50/50 you mention is rather an 18/18/64 with aobut 2/3 of population who remained silent about David Cameron pure political gambling... Only conclusion on my side, he did not fool UK people.

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