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instead of better job we choose our own passion or interest that may leads to better job. that is my opinion.. thanks good article.. career options after 10th

Ammon Nelson

Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship are what this is all about.

rocky smith

A very Impressive and detailed post. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and important information. Check for more latest job openings Contact Us @ CelebrateJobs

Michelle Polster

I love this and something I firmly believe in. It's like that saying " A candle doesn't become dimmer by sharing its flame." (Er, something close to that anyway)!

As an online student who is also a stay-at-home mom how could I apply this same method in this situation? There are some weeks the only places I visit are the grocery store, Target, and the Y (to get homework done and show my son that other kids DO exist!) How I can maximize my time as this post suggests?

Also, I love your approach to leadership and how it applies to every avenue of life. Thank you for sharing your inspirational thoughts and ideas.

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